Simplify the rating process in your |

Gradel delivers the best UX and accounting as a rating system
Gradel is used on big competitions and small community events
Wherever you have teams and criteria list, and all you need is fast calculation and friendly interface for jury and participants, use Gradel!
Take these advantages
The judgement is a crucial part of any competition
Fast and Simple
Jury will not suffer with tables and counting, cause it's easy as pie
Saving Reputation
People may judge an organizer, but not if the process is transparent and clever
Saving Money
You just save people's work hours and may use it as you need
How to organize a
Guests and other participants may take participation in the voting process. You can define the weight of grades from jury and from the crowd.

How they get an access?
There are 2 ways how audience get an access to the voting process:
1. Using QR-code from a big screen;
2. By getting the link from a messenger bot. They prove their participation by Geo-location or secret word (on your choose).
Weighted Criteria
You are able to set criteria list and define the weight of each. You will see the grades of teams by each specific criteria and can sort by it. Result grate is a weighted sum, you'll see the sum of grades as well.
Admin Portal
It is very convenient. In admin panel you are able to
* set up a list of teams with an order;
* set up a list of criteria;
* add jury members and send them invitations;
* control the start and the end of the judgment process;
* add other organizers to the system;
and more...
★★★★★ [Gradel] was useful for us and at the same time easy to use. We especially liked the opportunity to set different weights of criteria.
Vladimir Baidusov
Rosbank Managing Director
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